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由於外在環境不明朗因素,不少企業選擇容許員工以 home office 方式在家工作。然而在作出此決定前,必需考慮到公司網絡的安全,避免資料外洩;同時也要顧及一般員工可能並不熟識 IT,所以需要方便用家使用。幸好以上的顧慮可以透過PCBS融合科技提供的解決方案,讓企業在安全與方便之間取得合理的平衡 . . .

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Pacific Cyber Business Systems Limited

Since 1991

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About Us

Pacific Cyber Business Systems Limited (PCBS)

PCBS is an IT-based technology company. Constantly develop information technology and actively provide various services to customers.

PCBS delivers a broad range of IT solutions and support with an objective to empowering today's organizations by capitalizing on the edges of new technologies and streamlining their operation so that they can maximize their return on investment and maintain the highest degree of flexibility and efficiency in respond to the ever-changing business environment.

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PCBS works in close partnership with clients by offering effective and efficient IT solutions to meet their business objectives, solve business problems, and improve IT system.

Hardware & Software

Hardware: Computers, switches, routers, hubs, monitors, Servers, racks, blades and on and on.

Software: Operating systems, office works, security and protections, accounting software, etc...

Maintenance & Management

From the simple hardware maintenance service to providing consulting services to a corporation to virtualizing their data center or control the resources.

Our IT expert going to need help navigating their way through the world of IT.

Design & Development

PCBS has worked continuously for 20 years in design and development process.

Our web application project is guided by best practices and valuable lessons learned with our clients.

PCBS recommends optional solution to our clients on hardware and software with support of prestigious IT manufacturers and software providers all over the world.

PCBS ability to design and develop web applications for sales, marketing, training, and customer support that are on-time, on-budget, and on-target is the result of years of hard work and our sharpened process.


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PCBS partners with leading technology players throughout the world in order to deliver the most reliable and advanced products, solutions and services to customers.

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